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Various notes

A lot of little notes about various things. Camera lens on cell phone is probably scratched, and can no longer take interpretable pictures the light scattering is so bad.  So no pictures. Housing cracked on the gear shifter cable on … Continue reading

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A little discussion with the audience after the play led by interfaith ministry

1.  What happened to Paul?   2.  What is the difference between Jews and Christians?  Why didn’t they like each other?  What about getting along today?  Talk about the christians who risked their lives to save the Jews from the … Continue reading

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“Paul of Tarsus” – A Play about the apostle Paul

This play does not replace the Bible as the authoritative account of Paul’s missions.  It is not meant to be completely accurate in that, parts of Paul’s record, have been transposed in order to have continuity in the play, and … Continue reading

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Times up on the computer (mine is infected with 27 viruses including some that collect credit card info and log every key).  They want $40 bucks for anti-viral software subscription.  Bike is broken, and hex socket on car does not … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on dogs and children

Ok.  So the 7 mo dogs were sitting out on a chain without a dog house – with the rain and bad weather.  I said something, and a trashcan was turned over for them to crawl into when it rained.  … Continue reading

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Dog news

"Spot", the injured border collie, is making a spectacular recovery at the vet’s.  The vet seems unequivocal about the wounds not having been caused by bites either from a dog or a wild animal.  After what I said about the … Continue reading

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Chandler’s hurt. Dogs and ibuprofen

Chandler has a hurt rear right leg.  He’s not putting it down, except when he stands still.  Nothing seems broken.  He does not appear to be in pain, and runs and plays happily, but does not want me to touch … Continue reading

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