Injured dog (graphic)

 Last night, I walked by this dog, and he was fine.  In the middle of the night, I heard dog aggression noises, and then a single shot from a .22 (probably).  Immediately, lots of yelping (I realized a dog was hurt by the gunshot), but it was midnight, and I don’t have a flashlight, and someone has a gun…  This morning at 9am, this dog (border collie) was in the road, and I realized very injured.  I followed him back into the woods (he was ambulant), and then back under a trailer.  I was finally able to get close enough to get a leash (hat I use as a belt to hold my pants up) around his neck, and draw him out.  Paula was called because transport was not available, and the dog was still bleeding.  I can safely say, this was not a car injury.  Also, that none of the other dogs in his pack were hurt.  I think he was in a fight with either another dog, or a wild animal.  The wounds are enormous to have come from the dog though, and the squealing right after the gunshot tells me that if this was the dog that was shot, then the injuries are gun-related.  The gun shot could have been to scare off the other dogs, or wild animal, but why the yelping right afterward???  The injury does not look like there are torn pieces of skin – it looks cleaned up almost.  He’s unneutered and there has been a lot of dog aggression in the neighborhood at night because of a dog in heat.

The dog is in surgery at the vet’s with a broken shoulder and pieces of bone missing.  Vet is not ruing out gunshot.


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