Chandler’s hurt. Dogs and ibuprofen

Chandler has a hurt rear right leg.  He’s not putting it down, except when he stands still.  Nothing seems broken.  He does not appear to be in pain, and runs and plays happily, but does not want me to touch the joint.  I hesitate to post this, because the last time I posted about a hurt dog, the dog was kidnapped by rescue.  I believe he may be in a better place, but you can imagine the agony of having cared for a dog for months, and not knowing.  Chandler, even with his hurt rear leg, is currently happier than he ever was in rescue (I knew him in both situations).  He’s on 50 mg amoxicillin and 1/3 (65 mg) of an ibuprofen twice a day.

Update 4/20:  Chandler is selectively using the leg today when he walks or runs, although he still avoids putting it down when he first gets up.

Some thoughts about ibuprofen in dogs:

Blood volume calculation in dogs (Chandler is probably at about 15 kg, or 1L of blood).

assuming that all of what I give him immediately enters the blood stream (this is for safety, and is certainly not true), we would be at 65mg/L,

or 65 ug/mL.  This study explores a range of ibuprofen concentrations in dogs.

This study (full article) compares the effect on kidney function of aspirin and ibuprofen in dogs.  (I hope the animals were not euthanized, and were rehomed at the end of this study.  "Acet (15 mg/kg) and Ibu (10 mg/kg) both decreased renal blood flow and glomerular filtration rate by approximately 20-30% in normal, anesthetized, sodium-replete dogs."  So, 1/3 of an ibuprofen pill puts me at 65mg/15 kg, or a little over 4 mg/kg in the stomach (less in the blood).  His weight is actually higher than 15 kg, but I am purposefully lowballing it, not to hurt him.

I decided to use the anti-inflammatory because of the fact that swelling in the joint (it was warm before I started antibiotic treatment) might further damage the joint.  Now that he is using it on the ground, I think that I will discontinue the ibuprofen, but still use the antibiotic until the wound closes.

Update 4/21: I took him off ibuprofen last night, and the limp was worse today.  So, I’m going to keep giving him 1/3 of one during the day, but none at night when he sleeps.


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