Dog news

"Spot", the injured border collie, is making a spectacular recovery at the vet’s.  The vet seems unequivocal about the wounds not having been caused by bites either from a dog or a wild animal.  After what I said about the gun shot, he thinks the shoulder was probably "fileted" by a bullet.
"Chico" had an abscess that ruptured.  He is recovering in rescue.  It is not clear why he is the only dog in his pack that was so thin, and yet hungry.  Is it because he is a pitbull?
The Arkansas River pups are pictured below with their mama (white dog barely visible behind the swingset).  Red with his nose up in back, ouchita and missie on the left, arkie, and francis on the right, and buff looking up at you.
The 2 females are in the middle – Ouchita and Missie (the one with the big mouth) – that pup can surely find a home with a guardian with similar qualities…
Buff on the far left, and arkie on the far right.
Six more pups that need homes (adoption contracts need to be printed out).  There is a little one next to the wheel of the truck.  Please always check beneath your car, or truck, before driving.  No runover puppies, pleeeeeeease.
Some more news about Queen.  So she was the dog that was in heat the last week.  Now that Spot is at the vet’s, things are a lot quieter.  She is coming out of heat, and will have puppies in 60 days.  In the past, she apparently just takes the puppies off into the woods and leaves them there.  So, this will need some oversight.
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