A little discussion with the audience after the play led by interfaith ministry

1.  What happened to Paul?
2.  What is the difference between Jews and Christians?  Why didn’t they like each other?  What about getting along today?  Talk about the christians who risked their lives to save the Jews from the holocaust.  A young boy can hold up the sign with the poem:  First they came…
3. Why did Paul kill Christians in the beginning even though the law that he accepted (the 10 commandments) said: "Do not kill."
Was this right?  What happens to Paul in the end?  Was this right?  What does Jesus teach about "not pulling the weeds out lest the good plants be destroyed."
4. What is the meaning of baptism?
5  What is speaking in tongues?
6. Does faith-healing mean we should stop taking our medicine?
7.  Why is violence not a good way to solve problems?
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