Various notes

A lot of little notes about various things.
Camera lens on cell phone is probably scratched, and can no longer take interpretable pictures the light scattering is so bad.  So no pictures.
Housing cracked on the gear shifter cable on my bike, so no resistance to pull against, and the derailer has fallen into the spokes.  Bicycle is not usable until fixed.  Guy up the street collects junk bikes for scrap metal, will see if I can buy a cable from him and rethread the gears.
Powerpack that I was going to use to drive the power drill to take off the engine head bolts, seems to hold charge, but beeps a "short" alarm when I turn it on.  I think the short is downstream of the battery (praying), and just need to open it up and figure it out.  Maybe condensation?  It used to work, although I got it used and it never did hold charge very well.  Need an electric meter to solve this problem.
Chandler’s antibiotic and pain medicine was stopped last sunday (5 days ago).  The wound doesn’t look bad, but he is still limping, and it does hurt him.  He is very playful and active otherwise, going out for the chase and playfighting.  The dogs are starting to hunt.  They bring back a turtle every day, and brought back a baby bunny rabbit.  I felt awful about the baby bunny.  Said a prayer.  Then had a long internal debate about whether to bury the bunny, or cook him.  My practical nature won out in the end, and I cooked the bunny for the dogs.
2 blessings left.  9 pups at the house with the pickup + Rachel’s 5 pups.  Pitbull in heat was out and roaming the neighborhood.  Brought her back to her owner (really sweet dog who didn’t hurt any of the puppies).  She wasn’t in standing heat, but the neighbor’s dogs were trying to mount her. 
Spot is doing well – still at the vet’s with 1 drain left in, and on pretty major antibiotics.  Ambivalent about that situation.  He was happy before, and I think, was telling me that he didn’t want to leave when he was hurt.  But if he isn’t safe…Why would someone shoot a dog, when probably just firing the bullet in the air would have scared the dogs off?  There was only one shot.
After several attempts to start the chainsaw that I have, I finally got it started.  I had tried 2X before, to no avail, and had decided that the 2nd time, I was definitely less able than the first, and that I was becoming more and more anemic.  I ate some red meat (I try to be mostly vegetarian), and the next day, I was able to start it.  I am a little worried, that lyme or some other tick-borne disease has invaded my RBC and they are not working very well. 
Anyway, I was able to clear several small trees (5-7 in diameter) that had grown into the old road on the property, so that the road is now passable with a 4WD.  Will need to do some more work.  The road is muddy and has ruts in it where vehicles used to go several years ago.  It will need some help to be passable to a regular car.  I cleared a loop back to 4 trees on the edge of the property.   I plan to build a raised house using the 4 trees as the 4 corners to support the house.  The house will be 4 feet off of the ground with stairs up to it, so no wild hogs or snakes in the house.  Everything is pretty low back there and wet – a little swampy like Bangladesh, and there is fear of snakes that appear in this season.  I will use some of the trees that I cleared, as logs to support the house.  It is quite a project, but I am sore today from yanking on the chainsaw (I’m probably running it too lean, because it cuts out when it gets hot), and I have blisters on both hands from the ripcord.  The hotter the engine is, the more gas evaporates, and the ratio of fuel to oxygen has to be adjusted (the choke has to be let out), I’m thinking.
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