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Snakes and Scottie/Spin shedding undercoat (seasonal)

The snakes are out.  With summer rain storms happening almost every evening, the snakes come out to sun on the road the next day.  I saw a big 4′ long and 2" diameter brown one a few days ago, and … Continue reading

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2nd round of door-to-door flyers for parents with kids who want to be in the play

I think that the play can be performed with as few as 6 (if roles are duplicated), and as many as 60 kids. I asked about 70 homes for participation last week, and plan to ask another 70 or so … Continue reading

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primitive thoughts on lyme mechanism

A little follow-up to this discussion: Is there a single primary mechanism of pathology in lyme?   If so, which form causes it, and what else is needed? A) spirocheteB) cystC) cell wall deficientD) dead bacterium   Possible single … Continue reading

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Looking for a $1500 grant for my project.  Money needed before June 10 – the first rehearsal. 3 kids meals, + 3 meals day of event printing out hymns, copies of play T-shirts Blood sugar meter, blood pressure meter, stopwatch … Continue reading

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picture of bumps on me

  very itchy bumps on my leg (camera lens won’t focus).  If I’m careful not to scratch, I don’t notice them.  Some kind of a DTH reaction (mange?)

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Dog news – Twins Spectra-7, puppy rescue

Found a 6-8 wk old pup by the church trash can at Bible study.  I was unsure what to do with him.  He was 10 ft from a street where the average speed is 45-50 mph.  After a few moments … Continue reading

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Play news

Starting with the play, it is largely finished.  I have to work on stage notes and dates a little (complicated work to do with only 1 hour of internet 4 days/wk, and no printer or computer.  The power supply is … Continue reading

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First almost ripe blackberry – ivermectin txt, teaching

First almost ripe blackberry appeared today.  Over 60 gallons of rain harvested over the week-end.  The tarp collapsed onto the tent, and everything got wet.  My computer, copies of the play, my phone, the solar controller.   Want to modify … Continue reading

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Food poisoning

Pretty yucky day yesterday.  I threw up 4 times, and had diarrhea.  I was pretty weak by the afternoon.  The mail lady came by and when I told her I was sick, someone from the post office came by after … Continue reading

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property concerns

Today was a tough day.  I bought my property off of the internet a few weeks ago.  It had a picture of where the lot was on the sale.  So I go there, and it turns out that the property … Continue reading

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