Thoughts on Dogs

I’ve thought about Tico and what happened to him, and now that I know that Queen was the dog in heat, I think that what happened is that he was scratched by a cat who lives in between me and Queen.  That is how he got the scratch on his front leg.  Then he was stolen, after I reported that he bit me when I was diagnosing the problem with his front leg.  I reported it because it indicates the pain level he was in.  I don’t blame him at all for it.  Next time, I won’t mention it.
What is interesting is the fact that the 3 dog wounds all happened within 3 days – Tico, Spot, and Chandler, as if I was being taught about dog wounds and triage.  Spot was definitely shot, once, by something with a long barrel.  It was a deep sound, not like the pops that usually come from a pistol when someone fires a round.  I infer a couple of things from this: 1) it was not the police (they wouldn’t have a rifle), 2) it was probably a man.  3) He was not warning the dog, it was deliberate.  I once had a dog that was shot 6 times by a cop when she jumped out of the car to bark at him.  The cop basically said "I didn’t want to get bit."  The dog survived the bullet wounds amazingly (she was shot at about 10 ft range), but her face was fileted not unlike what happened to Spot.
I went by the vet’s office to see Spot.  It was amazing to me that they initially didn’t want to let me see him – saying "he belongs to MMAR".  Yes, well, I made the call.  The dog came to me.  I followed him into the woods, and got him out from under the trailer.  Don’t tell me I didn’t participate in saving this dog’s life.  Without my work, the dog died. PERIOD.  So, I go in there, and they claim that he is "out for his walk".  Well, with a little more talk, she lets me see him.  He wasn’t "out for his walk", but rather "sitting in a cage".  Now, THAT really bugs me.  OK.  Maybe it is too early for him to be out and about – he is on some serious antibiotics, I wouldn’t want whatever is growing on him to be released to the environment, etc.  He is off pain meds, and he did get up in his cage and wag his tail.  So, I don’t think he still has a drain in him, and he looks pretty healed, but I bet that his shoulder will hurt him a little for the rest of his life, but he will still have a good quality of life once he gets out of the cage. 
OK.  I think what happened to him is awful.  Awful, because someone didn’t care enough about Spot to deal with him in a way that wouldn’t hurt him.  Like the dog that was shot by the police, maybe Spot had an angel watching over him that saved his life.  What to do now?  Well, you can’t release him to someone who can’t be responsible for his medication.  He needs it.  Furthermore, that house has another dog that is coming into heat.
When I noticed this, I approached them about confining the dog so that she wouldn’t have puppies.  We talked about how often dogs come into heat – how the first week they bleed, and the dogs become interested, but they don’t flag (hold their tail up), sitting down instead.  The 2nd week, the blood disappears, male dogs stop eating, and she becomes receptive (holds her tail up) to being mounted.  Then the blood reappears for a 3rd week.  The adult there, said, "not my dog", and that she thought it would be cruel to crate the dog for 3 weeks.  The children listened, and I explained that she could have as many as 15 puppies, and that it would be really hard to find homes for 15 puppies.  One of the older boys then said that he was going to put her in with another dog, and then sell the puppies.
So, I’m bracing myself for more puppies…I don’t think that they know who shot Spot.  When the cop shot my dog (and she survived),  I let the incident go, this despite a vet bill that basically ended up depriving me of a place to live (I was homeless when it happened).  The guy who shot her was callous, but she survived.  In this case, I’m also willing to let go of what happened to Spot.  I think that Spot got into a fight with another dog, and I think that the guy who shot him probably erroneously thinks he was protecting the neighborhood.  All the men in this neighborhood are needed … there isn’t a spare one that can go to jail to do time for Spot’s injury.  Too many kids that need to be raised.  So I let it go.
Chandler’s leg is slowly getting better.  He lets me touch it now, although he still doesn’t use it when he first gets up.  Otherwise, once he warms up, it has full functionality.  The wound closed up completely yesterday.  Chandler is a very charming alpha dog.  He tends to sit on the food when I bring it home (canned goods), so that no other dogs can get to it, and won’t share his food bowl with anyone.  He ranks a solid 8 on a scale of 1-10 for alerting ability (barks at the slightest outdoor noise), but is quite calm sleeping in a crate at night, and hilariously ALL CUDDLES when he wakes up in the morning.
Scottie likes sleeping outside (except when it rains).  He stays on the periphery of the pack, and will chew through a leash if left outside church or a store alone on it.  He loves to give kisses, and has some separation anxiety – will bark if left alone.  He’s a very stable dog though, and ranks a 4-5 for alerting.  Shares his food bowl with Spin.  He threw up this morning (I’m hoping nothing serious, but will keep an eye on it).
Spin is a really smart dog, and has warmed up quite a bit to people and the tent (he is 1/2 inside – 1/2 outside) most of the time, and ranks a 3 for alerting.
Oh yes, and I almost forgot to mention.  I am soooo proud of her:  Tammy is doing down very nicely now.  She shares her food bowl pretty readily with Spin and Scottie.
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