Rain and dog training

It rained last night.  I keep my dirty laundry out on the line, so that it gets soaked with water when it rains.  I can then fill a bucket with rain water that I harvest using a tarp (40-60 gallons) and use some soap to wash the clothes, and hang them back out.  So, when it rains, I can’t cook because I use twigs for fire, and they get wet, but it’s always exciting to be able to do laundry.  Joy!  
I’m working on a flier for the play-Greek day, and trying to incorporate a dog training contest into the festival.  To participate, the dog would have to be at least 6 months, and have a collar, a leash, and a rabies shot.  Then, the kids (ages 8-14) would have an opportunity to show off the commands that they have taught their dog.  They would be allowed to use food to show the commands, but the command would have to work the first time they say it.
Trying to work on the prizes.
2 commands – one free icecream
3 commands –
4 commands –
5 commands –
6 commands –
7 commands –
8 commands –   
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