Flyer for Greek festival and play

Healthy Fun Activities for Children and Adults

We are putting on a musical play this summer, and are looking for children ages 8-14 who would like to act.  The play is about the apostle Paul and the beginning of the Christian church.  The main characters in the play will be played by your local ministry:

The Apostle Paul (adult):  Father  from Catholic Church

Silas: Reverend from Baptist Church

Ananias: Reverend from Methodist Church

St. Stephen: Reverend from Methodist Church

Prison guard: Reverend from Baptist Church

Apostles who receive the Holy Spirit: Rev. from nondenominational church that speak in tongues


In order to participate in the play, children must be willing to commit to an initial casting on Thursday June 10, at 10 am, followed by 2 rehearsals on Thursday June 17, and Thursday June 24 at the same time, and finally the appearance in the play itself which will be at the same location as the rehearsals and casting:

Paul of Tarsus

 Methodist Church Saturday June 26, 2010, 5:00pm

In addition to acting roles, we are also looking for adults (ages 15 and  up) to be in the choir associated with this play.  The choir will be singing the hymns in the play (with the audience).  These include: This Little Light of Mine, Be Not Afraid, Amazing Grace, I Want to be a Christian, Pass me Not Gentle Savior, Victory is Mine Today, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Go Tell it on the Mountain, There is a Balm in Gilead, I Love to Tell the Story, When the Saints Come Marching In, Wa Wa Wa Emimimo.  Finally, if you have experience organizing a capela hymns and directing choirs:  we need a choir director.  The choir and director would meet for an initial casting on Thursday June 12, 2010 at 6:30 pm followed by 2 rehearsals on Tues. and Thurs. the week before the play at 6:30pm at the Methodist Church. 


If you would like your child to participate in the play, or would like to participate in the choir for this event, please indicate below by specifying the name & age of the child, or circling “choir” or “choir director” with your name.


Did you know that the New Testament was originally written in Greek?  The play is planned to be the highlight of a day of activities planned for children around the theme of Greece.  These activities will include breakfast, “Kid Olympics”, lunch, a backgammon competition, a dog training competition, and an “introduction to democracy” where the kids will listen to adults from the community present the pros and cons of the following topics in less than 5 min. in terms children can understand:

1)       Should smoking be allowed in the home?

2)       Should children have a curfew?

3)       Should children who don’t get good grades have to spend extra time on their homework?

4)       Should cursing be allowed?

5)       Should spanking be allowed?

6)       Should healthcare be free?

The kids then get to vote anonymously on each question after it is debated.  After the play, the pastors will be available to answer questions on: “the meaning of baptism”, “faith healing”, “speaking in tongues”, and will guide a discussion on “right and wrong, alternatives to violence: what options are there if we can’t agree on right & wrong”.


Synopsis of the play:  Paul begins as a young boy who knows the 10 commandments, and grows into an adult who persecutes the infant church.  He oversees the stoning of Stephen, and then is converted to Christ, when Jesus appears to him and blinds him on a trip to Damascus.  He is healed by Ananias, and goes on to convert many Jews and Gentiles, but people keep plotting to get him arrested.  He is rescued from stoning by hiding in a basket, casts out an evil spirit, and is thrown into prison with Silas.  They break out of prison when God intervenes, and convert the prison guard who was holding them.  Finally, he is captured by the Jews, and after a passionate plea, is thrown in prison.  After a few years, the ones holding him in prison die, and he is sent to Rome.  He wrote many letters from prison to various places that he visited.  Finally, he is killed in Rome.



See back of page to sign up for various activities.




VOLUNTEERS NEEDED (please circle how you can participate in this community event):

Play (please indicate name and age of each child who wants to participate)___________________________________



Choir or choir director______________________________________

Breakfast serving (9-10am)__________________________________

Athletics 10-noon (timing running events with stopwatches, measuring long jumps, etc)._____________________

Lunch serving (12-1:30pm)_____________________________________

Backgammon tournament (4-5pm)______________________________________

Dog training competition (12-2pm) (dog and handler’s name)________________________________

Debate (2-4pm)  (please specify which question(s) you would like to debate, and indicate FOR  or AGAINST)


In order to participate in the dog training competition, dogs must be at least 6 months old, and have a collar, a leash, and a rabies tag.  You are allowed to use treats, clickers, and hand signals to influence the dog to obey, but the dog must obey the command the first time you say it.  You can only say the command once, and the dog has up to 15 seconds to obey.


2 commands        free ice cream

3 commands         Frisbee, baseball, or basketball

4 commands         DVD movie

5 commands         music CD

6 commands         video game

7 commands         walkman


Example of commands: sit, down, paw, out (from tug of war), fetch, come, stay, roll-over, leave it, sit up (beg)


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