property concerns

Today was a tough day.  I bought my property off of the internet a few weeks ago.  It had a picture of where the lot was on the sale.  So I go there, and it turns out that the property is not where it was depicted on the map.   Well, a little bit of research turns up the lot, and I move over one lot.  Now someone shows up and says that he owns this lot.  So this morning we pull out the paperwork.  We find that 2 described lots (mine and his) are indeed different pieces of property.  We are neighbors.  He convinced me that the property that I am currently on is his, and that the property that I bought is actually 5 acres over. 
This is not nearly as good for the dogs because the neighbors are much closer.  Also, it is more thicket-like, and I will have to clear a road from scratch.  It is further away from water, and the trees are younger and thinner.  Not real happy about this – I liked the lot where I was.
Rethreaded the gears on the bike.  Not trivial with used frayed cable, but did manage to do it with most of the cable – some thread didn’t make it all the way, and will have to be cut when I can afford something to cut the frayed parts with.  Still missing a bolt to mount the gear shifter with (I lost it).  Then I can adjust everything.
Backpack zippers both broke.  Now whoever invented the zipper truly is genius cause I have never really been able to figure them out.  Bought it when the car broke down (not that long ago) from the dollar store ($6).  Now I need safety pins I guess.  I went back to the store  try to get another backpack, but they didn’t have them anymore.  Spent the $6 instead on fruit and yoghurt for the 4th grader I tutored last night.  And yes, she only eats the expensive yoghurt, the kind with Trix candy in it…she doesn’t really like yoghurt.  Everything is a battle.
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