First almost ripe blackberry – ivermectin txt, teaching

First almost ripe blackberry appeared today.  Over 60 gallons of rain harvested over the week-end.  The tarp collapsed onto the tent, and everything got wet.  My computer, copies of the play, my phone, the solar controller.
Want to modify the dog training competition to have 5 5 min. teaching sessions by MMAR interspersed in the training, while the kids are eating lunch.  Will need a projector for this.   Sessions will be on:
1.  Spaying and neutering
2.  Giving your dog a check-up  (checking ears, paws, toenails, lymph nodes, teeth)
3.  Fleas and ticks
4.  Heartworm prevention
5,  Worms in general – types and how to control them.
Order will be critical here.  Talk about worms, while the kids are eating desert or at the end of the meal.
Also, thought that the olympics part of the day could start with hymns sung by a choir in the background (to kind of wake the community up to the event) and start the day with the right tone.
"Guide my feet" would be one.
Spin is on a 1 week course of treatment with Fenbendazole (ends tomorrow).
All of the dogs are on a 5 day ivermectin treatment except spin who will start his the day after tomorrow.
One flea seen on Petey so far.  All dogs still have 2-3 ticks per inspection on them.  Lonestar ticks are more resistant than the deer ticks to the pesticide cause I still find them.
I’m excited about the play.  The priest who plays the main role is the first black priest in Arkansas.
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