Dog news – Twins Spectra-7, puppy rescue

Found a 6-8 wk old pup by the church trash can at Bible study.  I was unsure what to do with him.  He was 10 ft from a street where the average speed is 45-50 mph.  After a few moments of deliberation, I tucked him under my shirt and went into Bible study an little late.  The habit of course is that we all greet one another both before and after bible study and so by arriving late, I avoid that awkward moment.  The pup squirmed but was otherwise quiet as we sat in the back of the church.  After bible study, I had to figure out what to do with him.  My 5 had just finished a heavy worming for tapeworm, and a 5 day course of treatment for what was seemingly the first signs of an outbreak of sarcoptic mange.  The pup did not need to be exposed to that.  So, I gave him a blessing, and took his picture, and went down to the vet’s office.  Now, I noticed a slight parvo smell about him, and that he was slightly dehydrated (skin stays up).  The vet’s office is closed wed. afternoon.  First 2 women I met outside the vet’s had 14 dogs.  Woman 1 commented to woman 2 that "Doc was just going to put him down.  Couldn’t woman 2 take him?"  Informed them of the parvo potential, and they left.  Called rescue and they were full.  So, I decide to try to feed him some vienna sausages.  I get yelled at for trying to bring him into the dollar store, so I set him down outside, and go in.  Well, the pup hightails it around the back of the store, down into a dell full of weeds, across what was for him a shoulder-high creek, up the other side, and around to a gate in front of a backyard.  So, his activity level is not lacking… Also, his poops are solid (no blood).  He is not skinny, but not really interested in the vienna sausage either, drinks up the broth.
So, I give up on rescue, and am walking over to the church food pantry (which is open th 3rd wed of every month), when a young man offers to give me a lift.  Well, it turns out that he has just turned 21 today, had a 1 year old kid in a car seat in the back, had 2 other older puppies with all of their shots, and loves dogs.  One of his puppies he had adopted from MMAR (so he’s been screened and passed once).  I told him that the pup might have parvo, and he said that both he and his wife had a job.  So, I blessed the pup, and let him go to this young man.
Scottie and Spin are coming along great with their training.  Both have learned "paw", as has Tammy, and I have got them so that I can sometimes do circles around them while they stay.  Still working on chasing cars, but I have learned that if I initiate the "training commands" when they are 1/2 way between me and the car, they will sometimes come back to me.  They love to train.  They would rather chase cars than eat, drink, or hang out with me.  Thankfully, the speed limit is 20 mph down the street and there are kids that play near the street, so there really is no excuse for hitting a puppy.  Both were given a Spectra-7 shot last Fri. (341-116 10 Sep 11 and 346-035A 3 Sep 11).  Scottie has a hurt left eye since yesterday.  It’s not swollen, but he’s not really opening it well.
Chandler is still up for the chase, but I sense that he has caught whatever is making Petey "fat and lazy".  He’s put on weight, and his activity level has decreased.  His leg still hurts him when he gets up, but is highly functional, and he uses it to play, chase, etc.  On the one hand, I feel awful.  Chandler was moved by me from rescue and a situation where he was very unhappy, hungry, and cold.  He had a high energy level and was kept confined without a walk or a clean run for weeks at a time.  The rescue situation was THAT short-handed.  He barked so much in his kennel that he lost his voice.  If he, like Tammy, had never known a better life, it sadly might have been easier for him.  But he clearly had, and was very unhappy about the changes in the situation.  So, after taking him out with a pack 2 separate times for a 10 day break, I took him for the winter, living out of my car.  He loved it – the sense of pack, his importance, his ability to run and communicate with someone.  Now, 6 mo. later, he has an injured leg, probably lyme, and perhaps sarcoptic mange.  I’ll repeat – I feel awful.  But I am certain that he would never choose to go back.  He loves it out here and in spite of his health issues, has a good quality of life.
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