primitive thoughts on lyme mechanism

A little follow-up to this discussion:
Is there a single primary mechanism of pathology in lyme?
If so, which form causes it, and what else is needed?
A) spirochete
B) cyst
C) cell wall deficient
D) dead bacterium
Possible single mechanisms consistent with a drug-inducible lyme form are:
1) toxin released by live, sick, or dead bacteria
2) Immune response to the live or dead form
3) vitamin or nutrient (O2) deficiency caused by having to sustain another organism in the cell
4) Enzyme synthesized by the bacteria in the cell
A little money put into in blocking the transition between the different live states (say by gene mutation/deletion) might be well invested.  Once this is accomplished, then the pathological form could be identified. 
Mutate (UV lamp) the B. Burgdorferi genomic library, and screen for mutants that cannot change states.
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