Snakes and Scottie/Spin shedding undercoat (seasonal)

The snakes are out.  With summer rain storms happening almost every evening, the snakes come out to sun on the road the next day.  I saw a big 4′ long and 2" diameter brown one a few days ago, and a smaller 2′ long copperhead yesterday.  Just talking about the live ones.  Also, an unidentifiable one fell out of a tree and quickly moved off beofre the dogs could get it.  I’m told they mate now, and also that a pet king snake would keep them out of the garden (3 watermelons, 2 cantelope, 2 tomatoes, 1 cabbage, 1 broccoli, 2 carrots).  Not really up for that.  I’m convinced that humans like dogs have an innate Jungian image that associates fast crawling bugs and snakes with fear.  It would take a lot of therapy to overcome this – and why would I want to???  For dogs, the Jungian image is bears.  You can show a dog a statue or a silhouette image of a bear when it has never seen one and it will start to bark at it.
Scottie and Spin are losing their thick undercoat (shedding), replaced by a new coat.  Scottie’s eye is better and he is clearing parvo (probably the modified live virus from the Spectra 7, but it could also be from the pup through me.  He has the parvo smell, but is still up for the chase and is largely doing fine.  Scottie, Spin, and Chandler had a 2nd round of ivermectin for mange (1st round for Spin).  With Scottie clearing the vaccine, it got worse on him.  Both he and Chandler are going to need to be dipped and put on Revolution, before changing places.  The other dogs are ok.  ALL dogs are needing work on social skills with others in their own territory.
Saw Arkie yesterday with Rachel, and a new 2 mo old short-haired yellow lab puppy Sundance who learned sit and down in 4 min.  REALLY SMART.  3 more pups (2 boys and a girl), have pics but can’t upload. 
Did another 35 homes yesterday with Flyer 1.  It was neat posting on the clothespin on people’s mailboxes so that page 2 shows "PLAY" when the kids get home from school.  Also met the minister who will be playing the prison guard in the play, and he confirmed his participation.
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