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Bike work

  A few options here:  1) machine derailer axle 2) deweld axle, and reweld onto new derailer frame.  3) pop rivets, and rerivet both derailer wheels onto new derailer frame. rivet popped on deralier.  Flew apart.  other parts could not … Continue reading

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Tammy socializing at the dog park

  Tammy meeting an unknown dog at the dog park.  All dogs in the pack were given ivermectin for heartworm prevention. 

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Reflections on nonviolence

In analyzing the last essay, I realize that there is within me a theological conflict.  Perhaps, it is deeply in our human nature.  I’m struggling to understand it.  Does the last paragraph mean that I am willing to defend my … Continue reading

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Reflections on Comfort

 FAITH I’ve reflected on my few days of experience trying to teach kids this summer – without refreshments, air-conditioning, any real high-tech activities, etc.  This would have been the way that Jesus did it – teaching on the mount.  Yes … Continue reading

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Sparkplugs and birds

Kinda cool.  I was thinking about the car noises and found a bird in the signal !!!!   So, first the new insight.  8 cylinder (yuck, but it made my mom happy, and since she was with me, very tired … Continue reading

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Down in Tx now.  Hotter, but no bugs.  All the dogs have had a flea/tick bath, and although I have seen a couple of fleas, we are largely now all tick-free.  They are doing well indoors.  All of them are … Continue reading

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Sonic Visualizer

Downloaded the free sonic visualizer, and uploaded the car_pb.wav sound file into it.  A little bit of playing with the values and using the playback feature to listen and pause the sound when I hear the noise that I want.  … Continue reading

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