Needs and Notes

Finally mobile although with a gas guzzler – 1995 GMC truck with RWD, weak AC, and power steering.  Automatic transmission, but it has a backseat that doesn’t have seatbelt things projecting out of it.  It made my mom happy.  YEAH, I can sleep in it if I need to.  The back has a ball and wiring for a trailer. 
Another $200 infused into the situation.  My current need list:
flea/tick shampoo for all dogs to get bath
probable doxy for Chandler
trashcans for recycling
computer power supply for computer that was damaged by water (no power at all from either the battery or the external power supply – no lights at all).
printer repair part for paper feeder/ may need new printer.
derailer for bike (derailer was probably out of alignment/ rivet popped and it fell apart with one section flying off and unable to find)
power tool for head of car engine autopsy
camera that pictures can be uploaded with to update projects.
paper and ink for the printer when they work.
problems with play scheduling and location.  Suspect integration issues, but not sure.
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