Before my trip to Memphis, I had set out some pretty cheap dog food for the dogs (something they wouldn’t eat right away), since anything can happen on a car trip and I had left Scottie, Spin, and Petey loose at the campsite.  Chandler and Tammy were with me, and oddly enough lost their appetite on the trip.  Nerves, I guess.  It was their first time riding in a pickup.
So, I get back 24 hours later early Fri. morning.  The dogs I had left behind were ecstatic to see me.  Those I had taken with me were ecstatic to be back.  Everyone had a full appetite.  Later that night, the Great Spirit sent a young opossum for the dogs that they caught and killed.  I wasn’t happy about it, and was out of squeaky clean water to boil it for food.  It is so hot here, that by the time I got water, the bugs and worms had started on it.  I said a prayer, got out the shovel, and buried it.
Shortly after the opossum event that same night, I awakened to the sound of breaking glass, and the dogs barking very intensely (they were now confined).  I knew that the sounds were being made by a person – no wildlife could cause that much breaking glass.  A little later, I heard a car or truck drive by.  In my delusional fantasy, I’m thinking, security?
Well, no.  As it turns out, someone dumped in the creek Sat. night.  5 bags of trash, and 1 30-gallon container of hazardous waste – paint spray bottles, etc.  Thrown in were some very young pajamas tainted by bleach (a 4 year old’s?).  Well, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the mother or the child who dumped.  But what was this person thinking?
Everything drinks out of the creek, including my dogs, and the wildlife.  A little bit of rain, and there would have been an environmental nightmare.  I take a picture, and then remove the waste with my pickup, leaving it at the police station, and explaining to them that the wildlife (deer, wild hogs, opossum, raccoon, coyotes, and birds) drink out of this creek.  People hunt the deer, eating whatever toxins are in the deer.
A few minutes after dropping the hazardous waste off, for the first time since I have been out here (3 1/2 months now), the Great Spirit sent a deer.  I watched and smiled, and wanted what was best for the deer.
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