Working on Hymns

Working on hymns:
1) This little light of mine  beautiful rendition change to young children singing the first verse with accoustic guitar.  Choir and audience (and rockin beat music if available ) jump in after verse 1
2) When the saints go Marching In  (fix writing problem with happy tune in death scene).  Use these words, but take out verses where sun refuse to shine, moon turns red with blood, and when our leaders learn to cry
3) Be not afraid  beautiful rendition change to 4 part gospel choir – keep slow.
4) Send me, I’ll go (change to 4 part full gospel choir)  key needs to be raised for me?  Pick key, do not have musical score.
5) Amazing Grace (keep 4 part harmony through whole piece so that all of audience can sing)
7) Pescador de Hombre  4 part choir, but needs a gospel beat
8) Leave It There (words) sung like this Take your burden to the Lord, Leave it There  (word are different here)
10) Do Not Pass Me By (change line "Help my Unbelief" to "Strengthen my Belief" in verse 2)  first verse is sung by prisoners alone a capello slow as in this version.
Next verses are sung with full gospel and music (like this)
11) I love to tell the story  This is the best one I found, but needs to have more of a soul feel to it.  OK with having it sung solo, with choir and audience as background.
12) wa wa wa emimimo (only 30 sec. of it here) or There’s a Sweet Sweet Spirit
14) Swing Low Sweet Chariot I like this version, but need to coordinate with alto and soprano (female) parts
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