2nd rehearsal – Paul of Tarsus

Picked up about 10 kids at around 10 this morning in the pick-up.  At the church, we started to pray and sing.  Then the kids needed to use the bathroom.  Well, we were outside, and I asked them to wait.  As it turns out, someone found an open door to the church, and we went in.  Kids wanted AC and ice for water, but I set my foot down and said no – we worked with the door open and the breeze (or lack of one) through the screendoor.  They all split a cup of ice.  Still no food, but we managed to cover:
The Lord’s prayer
This little light of mine and Amazing Grace
Psalm 51 (part)
The 10 commandments scene
The Stoning of Stephen
Workshop questions on nonviolence
Kids are in general more fluent with the reading.  They damaged the plastic tablecloth on one of the tables a little, but otherwise did ok.  Considering how to have them replace it.  The girl who played Stephen (we are quite short on boys) did a great job and is quite articulate.  The kids really liked throwing paperballs, and I had to be sure to recover all of them.
Preparing for tomorrow.  Will try to cover Paul’s conversion.
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