Activity sheet for rehearsal 3

                                   Worksheet for 6/15

1.  Where is Paul from: ____________________?

2.  Of what empire is Paul a citizen__________________?

3.  What is the main difference (about God) between a Gentile and a


4.  What are the first 4 commandments about? ___________________________________

5.  What are the next 6 commandments about? ____________________________________

6.  "According to the ____________ there are 613  ___________ or other commandments in the

________.  There are 248 positive ones and 365 negative ones and then 7 more from the old


7.  "I learn what I can do by following my ____________ and __________, and when I have a

question I ask _____________  who is called Rabbi".

8.  "Torah is our _________ text".

9.  What are the 5 books of the Torah?  _____________     _____________    ____________   

_________________   ___________________

10.  What does Paul want to be when he grows up?  ____________________________

11.  Where was Jesus killed? ______________________

12.  Why was Jesus killed? ________________________

13.  Why were the children arrested in the play?  __________________________

14.  Why was Stephen stoned? ______________________________

15.  What are the 8th and 10th commandments? 
_______________________________ and _____________________________

16.  What were Stephen’s final words before he died? _____________________________.

16.  Answer with Jesus, Paul, or Stephen.

a.  __________ was crucified on a cross.
b.  __________ was a tentmaker.
c.  __________ was the first martyr.
d.  __________ and _________ were Jews.
e.  __________ persecuted the early Christians.
f.  __________ was stoned to death.
g.  Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are 4 gospels that tell the story of the life of ______.
h.  __________  wrote many letters to different parts of the world.
i.  __________ was present at the stoning of ____________.
j.  We celebrate the birth of ____________ on Christmas day.
k.  We celebrate the resurrection of _______________ on Easter day.
l.  ___________ was born about 10 years before ______________ was crucified on a cross.
m.  __________ died so that our sins may be forgiven.
n.  __________ died proclaiming ______________ as the new risen Lord.

o. __________ played a big role in starting the early christian church after Jesus died by visiting many foreign places, and writing letters to people in these places from jail.

Draw a picture of one of the commandments.


Outline of rehearsal:

1. Lord’s prayer
2. Choose some songs:  This Little Light of Mine, When the Saints, Amazing Grace,
3. Work through prison scene
4. Read scene on conversion of Paul
5. Reading cards and giving letters to people in audience
6. Group activities – Paul before the conversion, Paul after the conversion
7. Activity sheet on first 4 pages of play


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