Fill in the blank – lines from the play

Lines from Scene 1.
My name is Paul of ________________.  I’m ___________.  I believe in _____ God and can
recite the ________________.  I’m also a _____________ citizen like my Daddy.
I’m a _____________.  We worship lots of _____________  gods.  What are the ____
The first 4 are about ______________ the one God and putting Him __________.
The next 6 are about how we _____________ one another.

The ___________ is a whole day once a week we devote to God when we ________.
So these are the Jewish laws.  Why do Jewish people have so many other rules about what
you can ___________, ____________ and ___________?
According to the ___________ there are 613 _________ or "other commandments" in the
________.  There are 248 _________ ones and 365 _________ ones and then 7 more from the
old _________.
I learn what I can do by following my _________ and _________, and when I have a question
I ask ___  _________ who is called Rabbi.
Torah is our __________ text.  It starts with ________, ________, __________, and then?
A  ______________!!!  I’ll always have a job – so many people live in tents.
Lines from Act 2, Scene 1.
Paul, who is this _________ that these people who call themselves Christians are talking about?
The Romans killed Him a couple of months ago here in ______________.
The Christians are a lot of confused people who think He is ___  ______________ – that is the
One sent from God to _________ us.
They say Jesus committed ___________, claiming to be the son of God when He wasn’t. 
Jesus said that we are the _________ of the world. A city that is set ______ __ ____
cannot be hid. Neither do we light a ________ and put it under a bushel, but on a
__________; and it gives light to all that are in the __________.
Our Father who art in _________, _________ be thy name.  Thy _______ come, thy _____ be
done, on earth as it is in _______.  Give us today our daily ______.  Forgive us our ___________,
as we __________ those who trespass against us.  Lead us not into __________, but deliver
us from ________.  For the kingdom, the _____ and the glory are yours.  Now and _________.
You are under arrest for praying like _____________.
but my __________, my __________, my ____________…we were ONLY praying!
Lines from Act 2, Scene 2
I am here to proclaim _________ _________ as the new risen Lord.
Lead him out of the city and ________ him.
Behold, I see the ________ opened, and the Son of man standing at the ______ ____ of God.
Lord Jesus, receive my __________.
Lord, do not hold this ______ against them.


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