Sparkplugs and birds

Kinda cool.  I was thinking about the car noises and found a bird in the signal !!!!
So, first the new insight.  8 cylinder (yuck, but it made my mom happy, and since she was with me, very tired and in heart failure getting into trucks was a big problem for her so we got the 3rd one we looked at) so multiply the revolution frequency by 8 for the sparkplug firing sound (8×13 I lowered it cause I had a picture of it idling around 800).  So 8×13 is 104Hz.  Looking there you realize that the signal is split between 104 and 52 with an occasional lower frequency thrown in. 
Now for the exciting stuff. I found a bird!!!!  The average maximum frequency of its call is 3100 Hz, and the average minimum is 2800 Hz.
(see Luther and Baptista) calling in the Lake Merced dialect.  For a pic of the bird, you can visit this person’s blog:

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