Neutering, The Great Spirit, Washington trip map



Scottie and Spin are recovering from their neutering which went exceptionally well.  In spite of the hard outer look of the humane society, I saw kindness on the part of the staff toward difficult cases (17 year old animals with arthritis and worms that came from homes where the older people could not care for their animals – they were returned to the home nurse’s aid that brought them in).  Scottie and Spin, being young, were alert and happy after the surgery the same day – not staggering and sleepy.  Vet visits are only $15 here, so there really is no excuse, and I watched them waive a fee in order to give a dog antibiotic.  Scottie and Spin went home with pain medicine that they ended up not needing (now).


I managed to get enough money together panhandling to get ink for a printer cartridge.  It was my first time with recycling ink cartridges, and I got the ink at Office Depot for $20.  It will refill 5 cartridges.  I figured out how to do it – a green milestone that even a homeless person can achieve!!!! I’ve printed out flyers with Scottie and Spins’ pictures on them to try to find great homes for them together, and to try to redefine the mindset that allows many people around here to consider animals as property regardless of what the animals want.  Animals can be happy and sad, and their mood can be influenced by people and the way they are treated.  They deserve consideration, and a voice in their fate.


When I first arrived here, I went out for an early morning prayer.  The Great Spirit sent 2 birds that moved off when I approached.  When I looked down, a water moccasin was eating a big fish on the shore of a lake.  I was fascinated and ran to get the camera (which did not take the best picture), but I didn’t put it together right away.  I think what I was supposed to do, is scare the snake off, and then cook the fish, and feed it to me and the dogs at the right dilution to prime us against the snake venom. Why doesn’t the water moccasin venom kill the water moccasin?  There is also a very big coyote who I found barking at the dogs (they were barking back) about 30 feet from the fence early in the morning.  I was surprised that he was so close, and picked up a big pipe to run him off.  You are supposed to scare the coyotes off so that they stay afraid of domestic situations.  I haven’t seen him again.



A corn spider built a natural mosquito net. "And so she spins…"







I’m planning the trip walking across Washington state.  This is the route that I envision right now:

This trip is about 1200 miles – longer than the NY trip.  The trip starts at the first consecrated catholic church in Washington state, and then goes through Pullman which has the vet school.  I plan to pass through 4 Indian tribal lands (Spokane, Colville, Quileute, Yakama). 

In my last few days here, I’m trying to write up my New York trip, and waiting for the storms to clear in the gulf to go start to help.




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