Programming 21 in a cow!!!

Yesterday, I was mowing the lawn where I am staying, and the Great Spirit sent a cow into the yard to start eating the grass.  So, I’m thinking ok, this is funny…but you see it wasn’t just ANY cow.  It was #21.  So, I’m laughing thinking at first to myself that yes, mowing the lawn is something you do when you grow up.  I’ve always called "programming 21" in a kid as "growing up", especially in high-risk groups.  Well, I mowed the lawn, doing circles around the cow as it ate the grass, and then I had to laugh a second time.  Maybe, the Great Spirit wants me to work on "programming 21" in a cow.
I think the world is big enough for both people and cows.  I enjoy milk and other dairy products.  I also once almost destroyed my knees in the rodeo-like rescue of a calf that weighed over 100 pounds by playing "mama cow" to the calf as he put its muzzle up against my hip while I led it to safety hitting and kicking anything that came within 2 feet of it.  Yes, it was worth it.  I don’t like seeing animals get hurt.  Maybe that’s why they want to help me mow the lawn!
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