Dog Ivermectin and Fenbendazole

I’ve noticed a decrease in urination in Petey.  I checked his kidney function today, using my little test, and it was fine.
Collect urine, dilute with same volume of tap water, and boil for 5 min.  Nothing precipitated. 
Why does this test work?  Well, urine has urea in it which is a denaturant that stabilizes the unfolded form of protein in solution.  So, when you dilute the urine with water, you decrease the concentration of urea in half.  When you boil the protein, it unfolds exposing disulfides, and with the lack of denaturant to stabilize the unfolded form, the disulfides oxidize between aggregated unfolded proteins.  This causes the protein to precipitate.  It looks like egg-white since albumin is the principal ingredient of both egg white and urine from people or dogs in kidney failure.  I’ve seen this test quite positive in dogs, and mildly positive in people.
It’s a nice quickie, if you need to know if someone is having kidney problems before you give them a drug, where they might use their kidneys to eliminate the drug.
Now, I’m crating him for 24 hours with a known volume of water, to measure intake and output under controlled conditions.  He’s inside and cool, and not always in a crate, but supervised when not. 
I measured a fluid intake of 350 mL, and a urine output of 440 mL + whatever comes out in 2 poops.  The temperature is 77 degrees, and he is mostly resting.
His pulse (measured at the femoral artery) is 78/min, and his respiration about 20/min.  He weighs about 15 kg.
I’ve palpated the bladder area, and I do not notice an apparent mass, or sensitivity.  Will post a movie of the palpatation.
He otherwise plays and runs and has good appetite.
After all the tests are done, I will probably take him in for an evaluation (maybe bloodwork).  The main reason I noticed is that he never wants to go out to pee in the morning.
All dogs were given ivermectin and fenbendazole 2 days ago.
I’ve been busy writing a book (85 pages so far).
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