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New Year – Back to School

      Luke 1: 5-20 Qu’ran Sura 19 …there was a priest named Zachariah, who belonged to the priestly division of Abijah; his wife Elizabeth was also a descendant of Aaron.  Both of them were upright in the sight … Continue reading

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Back to school

pictures here A pup asking for a hand.    “God bless the 2nd grader who donated his straight-A report card money to buy pet food for the dogs.”   “In mathematics, we call this kind of critical point, highly unstable … Continue reading

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Tammy’s rash

8/25:  The scabs have largely fallen off.  Some redness still in the area.   8/28:  The rash completely healed.   8/31:  I put her collar back on, and everything restarted.  Took it back off to let it heal.

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The Great Spirit sent a really big turtle this morning during the sunrise prayer. 

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I finally was able to get a picture of a blood smear.  I used a 10X objective and a 9mm focal distance.  The only thing one can really see here are the red blood cells.  But they look pretty normal; … Continue reading

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Ok. I prayed for rain, and I got it, the next prayer cycle at exactly the time for the prayers.   We needed it pretty badly.  Then, I prayed for all children to be fed, and I lost both water and … Continue reading

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I’ve been busy writing a book.   An excerpt from the book:   "… Approximately 1.3 million people were diagnosed with cancer in the United States in 2005 with a total treatment expenditure of about 48 billion dollars[i].  This puts … Continue reading

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