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A pup asking for a hand.   

“God bless the 2nd grader who donated his straight-A report card money to buy pet food for the dogs.”


“In mathematics, we call this kind of critical point, highly unstable and poorly behaved space.  One little perturbation and the function explodes, deteriorating into a situation where vast resources need to be pulled in to save anything.  So, I was shoveling dog poop all day in the kennels, and walking the dogs.  We had 40 dogs, and they all got time every day.  It was just me.  Then, someone raided a puppy mill.  The workload, already at its limit, doubled.  The dogs were piled up 4-5 dogs/run.  In control systems theory, this wasn’t an epsilon, it was a force of such magnitude that even a reasonably stable and well behaved system would have had problems restoring itself to within its radius of convergence.  Rescue needed rescuing.


 Contact the Houston SPCA                                                                                   New Year’s Resolutions and more


“They are your friends, your partners, your defenders, your dogs. You are their life, their love, their leader. They will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beats of their hearts. You owe it to them to be worthy of such devotion.”


                                                                                 Adoption Pledge

I, ______________________________, pledge to care for these animals _____________________ to the best of my ability for the rest of their lives. I promise to listen carefully when they talk to me, remembering that God can speak to me through them when I need guidance during family fights. In keeping with Indian traditions, I promise to allow them to teach me to respect the environment.
In exchange for their wisdom, I promise to teach them to the best of my ability to listen to me, learning the basic commands: sit, down, roll over, no, leave it, heel, push-ups, no bite, sit-ups, wait, stay, whisper … I will respect their exercise needs by walking them every day knowing that they will need and treasure every second of this time with me. This time I will consider as communion with God, and I will remember to say my prayers – thanking God and asking for His help during this time.
I will feed them at least once, but more ideally at least twice, every day – dog food, or table scraps. I will also make sure that they have access to water every day. I will make sure they are never too cold, and never too warm.
I will make them a part of “my pack”, socializing them to the best of my ability, to other dogs, cats, children, and adults.  I am aware of the current animal crisis in the Baltimore, Houston, Atlanta, Ark, WV, KY, OH and several other areas:

• Baltimore City Animal Shelter adopted out 2.2% of the 17000 animals that were taken in during 2002. Fewer than 12% of the animals survive 1 month at the shelter.

• Texas has 500,000 homeless pets, and an average shelter euthanasia rate of 75%.

• As of 2005, metro Atlanta pet overpopulation statistics were staggering. Of the 19 county animal control shelters surveyed, 130,000 animals were impounded collectively ( Of the animals impounded, a mere 8% were reclaimed and only 22% were adopted.

• In a 1996 survey, about 210 000 dogs and 110 000 cats entered Ohio shelters; 65% were euthanized.
• Each year, around 83,000 pets enter Houston shelters. Of the Houston pets, 71 percent will likely be euthanized.
• As an example, it costs taxpayers in Houston as much as $176 to impound, house, and destroy a homeless pet through the shelter system. About $40-80 will spay or neuter the same pet.   For a recent National Public Radio broadcast on the animal crisis, listen to:

I promise that, if I decide to allow them to produce puppies that may be killed in a shelter, I will:
1) First visit the shelters to see all the unwanted animals before they are killed.
Local shelters are listed here: or or or or
    or TX: (281) 497-0591
2) Find a good home for every puppy produced under my roof – in my own home if necessary.
3) In no case, allow the dog to sire or have more than one litter of puppies.
Spaying them will be the easier solution, especially if they are ever unsupervised. I will give them needed shots, worming, heartworm medicine, and flea and tick medicine. I will not keep them for long periods on a leash, chain, or alone. I will not move into a living situation that will not allow me to keep these animals. I will give them health check-ups at reasonable intervals:  If the animals’ happiness or well-being is ever in question in my care, I will email so the animals can be rehomed.
If I fall short in any way, I will ask God to forgive me.                    Signature ______________________________Date _________________
Support System (at least one friend) ____________________________ agrees to help care for these animals if I am too ill to care for these members of my pack.

Signature _________________________________Witness _________________________   Church or Temple________________________
If your church or synagogue has 1000 members (including children), and you are responsible for 36 adoptions, then you will have done more than your share to help to start to solve this problem.
State legislation (HB 568) is being considered in Ohio to ban pit bulls- the first ban on a state-wide level. There are 12 states that have state-wide legislation prohibiting municipalities from discriminating against pit bull mixes: CA, CO, FL, IL, ME, MN, NJ, NY, OK, PA, TX , VA. Last year, dogs were responsible for 16 human fatalities in the US (97% of fatalities over a 10 year period have involved unaltered dogs; 25% have involved tethered dogs). This represents a ratio of 87 500 dogs killed for every human fatality. Swimming pools were responsible for 30 times more deaths than dogs were.
Smoking was responsible for 10 000 times more human fatalities than dogs were. Alcohol-related driving was responsible for 1000 times more human fatalities than dogs were

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