West bank

It is with enormous regret that I note the Israeli government’s reluctance to renew the slowdown of the forced resettlement of the west bank thereby threatening peace in the region yet again.  This regret is fundamentally based upon what I consider to be an issue of human rights.


1)      The Palestinians who have already been displaced from much of the land, and victimized by Israeli policy albeit under threat of their own violence, feel violated by building in this area.


2)      Without respect for the feelings of the Palestinians that currently live there both with equal voting and employment rights, no settlement should proceed.


3)      Settlement, like sex, can be a good thing.  But when it is unwanted, it can be the equivalent of rape, particularly when imposed by the stronger party.


4)      It is not that difficult to take steps to make someone want to get along with you.  This is a step in the other direction, yet one more display of using force to get your way, when other options are available.  To their credit, the Palestinians have not yet walked out from peace talks.  They have abandoned a violent course.  It is up to the international community to ensure that Palestinians are not trampled on.  The International Court of Justice has long since opposed the resettlement of the west bank after court hearings.


I have many Jewish friends, and currently belong to a Jewish community.  I go to a synagogue every week.  It is simply wrong, in my opinion, to treat others this way.  I am so disappointed.  The security of the Jewish people lies in their successful practice of good international citizenship.  They must lead by example.  There are claims that some of the people in the area regard this question with indifference.  They are tired of the effort required for the extremist sides to reach an agreement.  I doubt it.  The indifference of the world is a greater threat.  Each of us bears some responsibility for the injustice that happens in the world around us.  We are connected enough to make a difference.  The time is not right to resettle the west bank.  DEESCALATE.








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