Ideas for Monday

Plans for Monday:  Handle 48 dogs from closest rescue.  Get press involved.

  1. All day   Offer backyard in one hour slots to 6 dogs at a time for 45 min.
  2. Contact schools and see if they will accommodate animal speaker for lunch.  Demonstrate basic pet care techniques.

Will need at all times: 6 volunteers+2 coordinators (one on site, one at boarding house) + 2 transporters/preparer/cage cleaners

2 hour slots

Volunteer needed

9am-11am slot

11am-1pm slot

1pm-3pm slot

3pm-5pm slot









































Rescue supervisor





Park supervisor





Sample of 1st outing for 6 dogs.  Repeated hourly for a total of 48 dogs.

    1.   8:50 drive to site (4 miles away) (need transport and 1 person)

  1. 9:00 medical need 2 people.  Need 2 people.  Measure pulse, temperature, respiration, examine, paws, ears, lymph nodes, coat
  2. 9:00 dog wash, trim matting, and toe-nail clipping.  Need 2 people.
  3.  9:00 leashed walk with blessing   Need 2 people on site.
  4. 9:15  30 min. supervised in fenced backyard. Need 2 people to supervise, pick up poop.

6.   9:45 drive back to boarding. (need transport and 1 person) unload and reload

Repeat at 10:00

Repeat at 11:00

Repeat at 12:00

Repeat at 1:00

Repeat at 2:00

Repeat at 3:00

Repeat at 4:00

Repeat at 5:00


Preparation on the part of rescue:  medical screening to get dogs into compatible groups.  6 leashes and collars, poop bags, shampoo.  20 min. Powerpoint presentation.  10 min. on wildlife, endangered species protection, what can be done for the environment.  10 min. on basic pet care:  checking your pet’s collar, checking for water, food, dog walks.  What to do when dogs fight.  How to approach an unknown dog.  How to know if something isn’t ok with your pet.  Basic Cat, bird, and fish care.

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