I started blessing animals yesterday.  12 crated dogs were blessed from one shelter.  Each one taken out in my arms and given a little walk in the room.  One dog got out for a major walk.
Today, I did 30 animals at the city pound.  The supervisor said that some of the dogs bite.  The first one initially did not want to be approached, but after he saw me go around, I revisited him and the visit was a success.  I enter each dog’s kennel, lay my hands or hold them, and ask for God’s intervention in their lives.  I ask that they be blessed with health, adoption into a loving family that they can participate in, and be given walks, love, and a life free from cruelty.
All dogs did well with the blessing and being touched.  There is even a little one who sat huddled in the back of his cage – he has been there for 2 years.  Seemingly with a very gentle and loving temperament.  I went home, took a shower, bleached my clothes in the laundry, and am off to another shelter for more blessings.
My next stop was a no-kill shelter.  Each dog here got a walk out into the grassy area and a blessing – about 25 dogs altogether.  I blessed the cats that I saw there too in a more general way because I am allergic to cats.  Each one was touched, but not held.  Someone tried to bring in a little kitty, but they couldn’t taker her because there are cats who have been there for over a year.
My last stop for the day was a shelter where they crate the animals.  Every dog was let out of his/her crate, held, and blessed (about 25 altogether).  There were definitely some dogs that needed exercise in this group.
Altogether, including my own dogs, I guess I blessed about 100 dogs.  With about 500 000 dogs surrendered to shelters in the state of Texas, we would need about
5000 people just to bless the dogs, another 25 000 to walk them, another 10 000 to do medical screenings, another 25 000 to do groomings.  There is enough work for everyone who wants to participate.  It’s a big job.  Thanks to everyone who made it a special day!
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