Stool quality







Stool slide

 I don’t think the structure on the right is a worm.  The one on the left maybe. 10X


relatively clean looking.  Maybe 2 worms seen.




close up view of a live worm

tiny worms that appeared after 5 days stored at about 80F in a bag.


10X objective + 10X eye piece= 100X

43X objective on the worm above.

spin defintely sheds tape segments as described below, but they are rarely if ever in his stool.

 2 of these structures were observed in one slide

close up view of a live worm.  I’d rather not see this.  I do feel anemic, but I have put on, and not lost weight.

on right are 1 inch white markers on red

10X objective with 10X eyepiece = 100X magnification of worm found in stool after 10 day culture at about 70F-80F.

I’m definitely the wormiest of the group.

You can see an embryo developing in this egg (above).

according to this site, this interesting little zig-zaggedy thing is a plant

Stool was collected into a poop bag immediately (dog stool was collected after hitting the ground).  About 1 week later (time to culture), 2 g was weighed out and placed in a solution of 15 g of saturated table salt in tap water. I used washed jello or applesauce containers for this.  The solution was mashed up, and allowed to sit for several hours.  A cover slip was placed on top of the solution, and was then removed with using the ends of 2 used syringe plungers and placed on a microscope slide containing a drop of iodine spray solution.  I took pictures of anything that looked interesting.  2 magnifications were used 10X or 43X objectives combined with a 10X eyepiece.

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