Cowboy and Bubbly

Cowboy is a 55lb neutered beautiful rhodesian ridgeback cross that was abandoned today on the country road where I run my dogs.  All rescue is closed for the holidays.  He is super affectionate, bonded tightly to me in 1 hour, and very smart (he figured out how to get out of the dog park i3 times n 5 min, and came right back over to me.  For obvious reasons, I cannot bring him back to the area where I am staying.  He will be at the Katy, Tx Dog Park in the small dog area tomorrow morning .  He had no collar and did not return a microchip, although he is well cared for, groomed, and looks healthy.  He is an escape artist but will follow you closely once out.  Hiis buddy Bubbly (microchip returns to No More Homeless Pets) is a smaller poodle type.  He is initially very fearful of people, but once he knows you, will warm right up and be manageable.  Because of his fear issues, he will not be left at the dog park, but will go to CAP in Katy, Tx after the holidays.   Bubbly is neutered, and looks like a smaller version cross between Bo (Obama’s dog) and Petey.  These 2 dogs remind me of Duke and Petey (although Cowboy is not a pit).
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