Brownie’s X-ray

I was able to get an x-ray of Brownie’s hips today for $45 (although he wanted to do a professional sedated knee radiograph, I opted for the unsedated quickie because it could be done immediately).  The vet thought she had an ACL tear on the knee, but I note a small fracture on the edge of the top of the left acetabulum.  Overall, I have to say that the x-ray was reassuring showing much less bone damage than was conceivable.  I will post the x-ray when I scan it.  Otherwise, I put some newer movies in the public folder.  You can definitely tell that the x-ray is Brownie’s by the difference in the muscle mass between the 2 legs.  The good news is that she is thriving, and starting to bear more weight on the leg.  She weighed in at 50.4 pounds at the vet’s office today.  It was very affordable walk-in care in a poor community.  They truly provide a service to the community.  I’d post the site, but they have a lot of patients already.   Just to note, that apparently the care is available in this community if one looks for it.  Not true in every community.
The digital picture of part of the x-ray is shown below (the flash interferes somewhat, and the resolution isn’t as high as the film so you don’t really see the fracture in this picture, but one notes the presence of a pellet in the affected hip, and the positioning of the head of the femurs.  The large apparent difference in the bone mass is an artifact of my digital camera angle.  Also, noted in the x-ray (not picture), a muscle tear and damage to the vertebrae.  In the movie Brownie_palp1, there is a slight discontinuity in movement noted at 13:73 seconds – correlated with the appearance of a dimple.
The above pic is flipped relative to others.  The most injured limb is the left hind.
photos of film taken with an overhead projector, so distortion is present to avoid light.
Below is a better view of both fractures:
Overall, the x-ray is useful, probably not so much for surgical intervention, but to know which movements to avoid, and how to help her to walk better.  She enjoys her walks very much, and pulls sometimes building up her muscles and circulation, but I try to avoid any impact on the hip.  Her happiness and quality of life has improved a lot in the last 3 weeks.  Although, she clearly experiences a little pain when she walks (none as far as I can tell otherwise), this pain is informative to her, and lets her know what movements are too much, and what should be avoided.  So, since the tail wags a lot, no pain meds right now.  Anti-inflammatories and joint supplements would certainly be a good idea, but they are very expensive. 
Brownie does have difficulty getting up from a sitting position.  I posted a movie "Brownie getting up" in the public folder.
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