Housecleaning Traps

Today was a day off from dieting.  I balanced the joy of the occasion by housecleaning…and recycling.  The muscle of the day is the trapezius.  I used a tricord to work this muscle out in 10 reps of 10 performed during short breaks during the day.  My family did a Chinese auction for Christmas.  Everyone brought one gift under $10, and drew numbers.  When your number came up, you could either pick a wrapped gift and unwrap it, or take someone else’s gift who had gone before you.  If a gift exchanged people 3 times, it was considered "dead" and could no longer be picked.  I got the Tricord.
It’s actually a pretty neat system for isolating muscle groups.  It’s small and compact, and can be picked up several times during the day for multiple repetitions.  I made a movie of me doing a set of 10 that I put in the public folder.  I am using the easiest level cord, and 10 is definitely my limit.  By the 10th one, you can see that I am harnessing other muscles to move the traps.  They are not my strongest muscle.  In the movie, I am stepping on the cord, and raising my hands from my shoulders to above my head with the cord handles in my hands.

Cleaning the house

Nikuy Ha-bayt

ניקיון הבית

La limpieza de la casa




Ponerse a dieta

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