Pickup, high resistance love handles

The muscles of the day are the external obliques.  I worked them out using 4×25 reps each side with the high resistance tricord.  The exercise was done sitting with the strap on one foot, wrapped behind my back, and touching below the knee as I twisted with the opposite arm.  Today was again a diet day – good practice switching between dieting and "not dieting".
 Otherwise, many little comes with Tammy at the dog park, and finally! bloodwork on Buster, an 11 year-old HW+ street dog.  After about 10 attempts where the blood had clotted in the syringe from his worms (not all on the same day), I finally got 3cc’s with a 22g long needle, and submitted it.  I did his ESR and it came out somewhere between Brownie and Spin, much closer to Brownie.  He has visible worms in his blood, and also tape/fluke worms in his stool.  He scratches a lot and needs to be dipped.
Buster comes with me every morning and evening, tagging along on our walks.  He coughs when he first gets going in the mornig, sometimes also during the walk, but his tail wags happily as he trots, and he barks at the things that interest him.  This summer, the heat was really hard on him – it may have been his last one.  He loves the winter here though, and being free and outdoors.  He is unneutered – and there is a lot that can be said for leaving him that way.  He is evolutionarily selected to withstand just about every parasite and also negotiate cars and other dogs.  He is obviously not a big threat to the neighborhood cats although he will give them a chase for the game.  At least some of Macey’s pups were Buster’s.  He was treated with ivermectin for heartworm last year, but the family that feeds him was unable to keep up the treatment over the last summer.  I am reluctant to treat him again because of the inconsistancy in medication administration.  Not real sure about this decision though.
I spent most of the day working on the pickup door.  It is ready to be put back together, after some handiwork with the bandsaw and a metal file.
Words for the day are love and handle.
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