Blue Dog

I went out to run my dogs this morning, and found an exit on I-10 (was New Mexico exit 151?) that led out to a solid waste dumping and liquid waste dumping facility.

The paved road ended about 1.5 miles out, and at 3 miles, there was a sign for Bishop Cap Ranch (not yet there). No houses, or people, or water around.

I let my dogs out, and they came back with another dog – an older male blue heeler. He obviously got along well enough with dogs to run around with my pack, and he had a collar. I could get within 5 feet of him, but could not offer him any water or food. My dogs would get to it first.

I drove back to I-10, and on the other side there was a wonderful feed store.

I got some ivermectin for my dogs – they are technically a little late (6-7 weeks since their last dose), this is my 5th stop trying to find it here, but it is winter and there are no mosquitos in new mexico. The owner said that I could take a 3 gallon bucket of water out to the stray, and if he was caught I could bring him there. They would find a home for him. They have lots of animals – cats, pigs, goats, and cows. I left the bucket with water outside of the liquid waste facility by the log. It hasn’t rained in 3 weeks.
Provisions for food and water need to be made for this dog.

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