Buster, Mind-Altering Seed, Artifacts in Grants, Bison and a Pueblo

I woke up today and spent the first 3 hours of the day letting the dogs run. It was a beautiful day out in Grants. I had gone off of a dirt road filled with piles of dirt dug from a construction site. When I got out of the car, I noticed and photographed a pottery shard without removing it. It would be the first of about 5 potential finds today.

I drove back to Albuquerque, stopping to try to visit the Pueblo Cultural Center there. They had an exhibit on the saints of the pueblos that I had wanted to see. The lady at the entrance desk firmly informed me that this exhibit, also, would require money. I couldn’t afford the entrance fee.

Moving up to Santa Fe, I stopped at the Sandia Pueblo, one of the more developed pueblos possibly because of its location. I searched for a quiet spot, finding one on the reservation away from the pueblo. There was a small creek with a bridge. I sat down for a while to watch for fish. There were none in the relatively shallow water.

Later, I walked down the irrigation ditch passed a field of crows and horses, finding, photographing, and leaving a few more artifacts. As I drove up toward the mountains to go run the dogs, I passed a field full of bison and contemplated the anatomical differences between bison, buffalo, and cows. All 3 are of the same subfamily – bovinae, but different geni (bos for cattle, bison for bison, and bubalus for buffalo). Although I generally try not to eat meat, I am making an exception right now for health reasons. I need the iron. I am also not getting enough fruit and vegetables (basically once a week a little after services) to have a productive colon or fight infection.

When we got to the park, I let the dogs run while I tasted 1 seed from what looked like dried red chili peppers. It seemed mind-altering to me, sharpening, and also possibly making one’s head spin like cough medicine. It’s probably a little risky eating anything left in the winter desert… the birds and other mammals won’t eat it…It’s not like there is that much food out there….

Anyway, the dogs got a little badly needed practice with come.

I took a picture of the sunset on the Rio Grande at the Santa Ana pueblo, and then drove up to Santa Fe. I had wanted to visit one of the museums tonight which has free admission on Friday night, but like every other endeavor in Santa Fe, I got hopelessly lost. There is an initial sign, and then several intersections later where signs are lacking, and finally the signs start up again. By the time you find the second set of signs to the museums, you have already gone 10 miles out of your way by making a wrong decision at an intesection. I’m not joking. This city is complicated, and several computer-generated maps have errors in them showing streets that change names or locations that don’t exist. I almost don’t have the patience for it, but they do have an awesome off-leash area for dogs.

My computer’s USB port isn’t functioning. That is why I cannot upload pictures. Perhaps the resources are hung from the cardreader being physically removed without the dynamic reallocation of resources. No devices are recognized when they go in the ports, and the power light on the cardreader does not come on. I will have to see if I can figure out how to fix it.

I learned today that Buster died on February 4, 2011. He was 11 years old. He was buried near the railroad tracks. My heart is heavy and full of ambivalence. He was a wonderful kind dog with spirit. I think that he was too sick to be treated for anything but possibly worms. He did survive a treatment with pyrantel pamoate from me, that I gave him one month before he died, to try to raise his blood sugar by lowering his worm burden. He, like many street characters, might have lived a lot longer with more medical care at an earlier intervention point. Wait for me in heaven, gentle one…

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