Las Vegas, bullies and toes

I went up to Las Vegas, NM, taking a photo of my toe (I lost the old nail, so the problem is probably abrasion).

The city played a role in the U.S. overtaking of New Mexico from Mexico, and so I found the following marker that I thought should be translated into Spanish as the Spanish exercise for the week.

On the city square, there was a gazebo, and given the discussion last week about cultural diversity, I noted the graffiti on the gazebo, next to the pigeons.

I have 2 dogs right now that are brothers (from the same litter). I believe one of them to be gay, and the other probably mostly straight.

Spin – the handsome gay dog
Both of them are neutered at this point. I absolutely love both of them the same. They are precious dogs who deserve better than what I can give them right now, but who are nonetheless happier than they were when they came into my pack. I would never abandon either of them to unknown situations.
Gay bullying is something that needs to be addressed by the schools. As I was working on my truck, 2 high school girls walked behind me, and threw a rock at a boy calling him a F_G. I turned around and talked to them, but they felt justified because they claimed that the boy was sending them nude pictures on their ipods. Take the ipods away, or put in parental monitors, and talk to the boy if it is true. I’m not sure that it is. I think it is insecurity.

Stop the Fighting (bulldogs and kids)GRAPHIC WARNING ON SITES

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