Jonathan Livingston Seagull, The Storytellers, and Storrie Lake

A Bird Apart from the Flock

“Such promises are only for the gulls that accept the ordinary. One who has touched excellence in his learning has no need of that kind of promise.”
Richard Bach “Jonathan Livingston Seagull

With all of my thoughts on anthropology lately, I decided to try to visit the Laboratory of Anthropology in Santa Fe. It is next to the Museum of Indian Arts. The doors were locked, and a little questioning of the woman at the desk revealed that the building – in spite of its name – is really just offices, and no one was really available to meet with me. A couple of phone numbers and OAS’s address in the city if I wanted more info.
The Museum of Indian Arts was also inaccessible – at least the inside – with a fee that would have been all that I had at the time (I don’t even have that now – I am technically completely broke). There were some beautiful statues outside though.

The Eagle Dancer

The Story Teller
They were truly beautiful and inspiring works of art.
Up in Las Vegas, NM, I stopped at Storrie Lake to run the dogs, watch the seagulls, and try to put together a fossil.

It was a beautiful, but windy, moment. With a little less wind, and a little fire and some indian traditional stories, the evening would have been complete. Well almost, it’s a little lonely sometimes, even with the dogs.

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