Big Game

I had been given the general direction of the Folsom site by the Folsom museum curator, and set off down HW72 just for a view of the area – to get a feel for what someone living out there might be subjected to. The section of the highway heading out to the site was relatively smooth, but shortly afterward, a deep descent into a valley began. With my transmission in the state that it was in, there was no turning back. I wondered if I would have to climb back out on the other side. Thankfully, there was a pass, and as I worked my way back down to Raton, I stopped to visit Sugarite State Park – an old mine town and site that had been converted into a park.
Spin and I toured the ruins of the old mining town, hiking up 2 miles to visit both mines 2 and 3.

On the way up to the mines, I found a shrub with some acorns on it. I tasted one. The outside was kind of sweet and woody, but the inside made me want to throw up. I quickly spit it out, washing my mouth. About 30 min. later I noticed a numbness, choking paralysis feeling at my throat. I don’t know if it was related.

I took Tammy out for the river walk, and then Scottie and Petey out for about a mile on the lake. We turned around when we ran into a fisherwoman, not wanting to disturb her. I later set out (with some rescue food that I ended up needing) to complete the 3-4 mile loop around the lake with Chandler. It was an evening walk and would involve walking through Colorado for a bit,

next to what were very obvious signs of mountain lion and bear.

The above print I believe to be a cougar (lack of claws in the print) and size. For reference, Scottie’s paw is next to the print, and I weighed the dogs 2 days ago as:
Chandler 35 lbs
Tammy 41 lbs
Spin 36 lbs
Petey 38 lbs
Scottie 46 lbs
We would see several birds and a squirrel, including 3 bluebirds and 2 more hawks.

and Canadian geese on the lake:

Also, a smaller track with longer toes.

A beautiful wild experience…

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