More wildness and quietness

The next morning I began my descent to Albuquerque, stopping at the Maxwell National Wildlife Preserve. I hiked in about 1/2 mile into the mud, leaving the dogs behind, to listen to the bird songs and simply watch them landing and departing from the water.

There were several types of waterfowl there. I noted the bunny, and what I believe were bunny tracks on the hike in.

I saw another hawk, a yellow bird, and then a dove and nesting blackbirds at the rest stop.

I had always marvelled at the fact that Albuquerque is 10 degrees warmer than the surrounding cities. As I began what was a anguishing trip in (I had spent my last $5 on gas, and used what was in the canister in the back of the truck. I was running on fumes), I understood why. The city is located in a basin, and getting back out of it would not be trivial. The additional heat, while appreciated and surely useful to the indians during the winter, was not a boon to me now with my 5 dogs in the truck with no AC.

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