The Human Footprint

Petey and Tammy at the Monument of Perpetual Tears
It has been a horrible 2 weeks. After being stalked by Animal Control people who have been trying to collect evidence to seize my animals, efforts that have included giving the dogs diarrhea so that they would shit in the truck, and numerous attempts by undercover cops to force me to go onto the shoulder of the road at REPORT DWI signs, forcing me to pull over for safety reasons so that the person behind me would report me for driving 40 mph,

I have spent 2 weeks waiting for money to come. I ran out of money (NO CASH) to buy dog food, and since I had no back up insulin, I had to leave to go out of state to get dog food with a gas card. It was a 250 mile trip for 3 days worth of dog food, but my dogs were not going to go hungry.

With the out-of-state trip, the time changed, I missed Shabbat services by an hour, and when I went to attend services the next morning, all of the cars were parked on the neighboring church side of the synagogue parking lot (the church was called St. Paul’s). I went first to the synagogue, no reply. Then I went over to the church and the people there could not tell me what time the synagogue services were. They claimed to be out of town and putting on a play. I felt like asking them to move their cars. Ignorant folk, who because it is the week before Easter felt like shoving Christianity down everyone’s throat in their antisemitic zeal. God loves the Jews – independently of their recognition of Jesus – I believe that. From a logical point of view, anyone who argues the divinity of Christ is obliged to assert that acknowledgement of God is then identical to the acknowledgement of Christ in their frame of reference. Anyway, it was probably my play…stolen, reformatted, and edited to their taste. God forgive them.

Economic sanctions create misery and hatred. My dogs are happy with me – in fact they never knew that I had no money to feed them, in spite of the fact that we literally ran out of food. If you see pictures of puppy mill raids, and starving dogs, and other unhappy situations, blame the people who create them, for media effect, to feel powerful, and better than everyone else.
Unhappy dogs in Tennessee
It isn’t that hard to roll up your sleeves to help when things need to get done. It’s just beneath some people.

Scottie and Chandler: Happy Dogs
When I finally got money, I had to laugh. The girl at Wal-mart said, “I may not have a lot of money, but my kids are fed, and I have cigarettes and coke so I don’t kill them.” Although I don’t smoke, it resonated.

The situation was so anger-provoking, that although I never considered violence, I contemplated that many others would have by then. It was one of 2 days when the Trinity site is open – where the atom bomb was tested. I didn’t really want to go (with my love for the environment) and I didn’t, but in terms of reflection there was plenty of room for it.

After this, I returned to visit Grulla National Wildlife refuge. Awaking in the morning to the sunrise at the refuge, I descend down to the lake to find no water in it.

Is this the price that we pay for not solving problems with respect for the environment? Is it the price that we pay for human indifference to suffering, for our desire to make someone grovel or beg, to “teach them a lesson”? For others, is it an atomic bomb?

The Human Footprint

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