Today was gay pride day. I got Spin a dapper scarf, and we headed out to look for a home for him in western massachusetts. I don’t expect to live 10 more years, so in fairness to him, he should have ample time to train and bond with someone else while he is still easier to train. He has a lot of Chow in him, so by breed, he is more difficult to train. In fairness to me, I would like to know that he is in a good home, and get an update and a picture every now and then.

Spin missing Scottie
In all truth, Spin has been depressed since losing his brother (Scottie) and alpha dog (Chandler). Although now probably easier to train (the pack behavior is gone), he kind of misses the fun they used to have just being dogs! I therefore think that his best home would have another trained alpha dog in it.
We toured the booths, and handed out some adoption applications. I just want a place where he would fit in and be wanted. This part of the country is very tolerant and accepting of homosexuality. Spin is a gay dog. When a dog in heat comes into the neighborhood, most of the other male dogs are interested in her. Spin became interested in Chandler.

The sign read “30 years ago marchers wore paper bags over their heads because it was unsafe to be out. Today, I wear a paper bag over my head in solidarity with the struggle. The fight is not over.”
I think that it is telling that the picture that came out (very hard to take cause Spin wouldn’t sit still) says “FIGHT OVER”. I hope that dog fighting truly does end, both among those who want to see dogs fight and get hurt, and within the rescue community about who is “good enough”.
My adoption application for Spin

Dog Adoption Application

1. Name:_____________ 2.Contact info:____________
3. Pet history:(current and/or past animals living with you): type, age, gender, size, current pack rank,training, aggression level (low med high):
4. Where and how often do you walk your dogs?______________________________________________
5. Describe how, and how often, you care for your dogs? (medical assessments, dog food, preventive care)_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
6. In what activities in your life do you include your dog(s)? (mark all that apply)
vacations? __ eating out? __ going over to friends’ houses?___socializing at dog park?____
walks/runs? ____ bike rides? ____ going to work? ___ training? __frisbee or ball?__ competition?____
7. Are you of sufficiently good health to expect to care for an animal for the next 10 years?
8. Experience training/working with animals:_____________________________________________________________________________________
9. Do you have a fenced yard? yes no height of fence (Ft) __
10. Do you have a doggie door? yes no
11. On the average, how much time a day do your dogs spend outside? ___________________
12. On the average, how much time are the dogs without supervision every day? _______
13. Age of all children residing with you ______________________________________________
14. Describe the location of your residence in terms of what would happen if the dog got out the door. (busy street, 15 mph street, populated area, school kids, elderly or handicapped people, farm animals, coyotes, etc.). Based on past experience, how likely is this to occur?

15. Please rank the importance of the following aspects of dog adoption to you:
a) dog that does not bark much: ( 1 not important 10 very important):___________
b) dog that does not exercise much: _____________
c) dog that does not shed much: ______________
d) dog that will protect you: ________________
e) dog that does not ever nip: ________________
(a nip is defined as a tooth-skin interaction that does not break skin)
f) dog without health problems: _______________
g) dog that does not chew items: ________________
h) dog that does not chase other animals: _____________
i) dog that gets along with other dogs: ______________
j) dog that is not destructive to a house: _____________
k) dog that is not neurotic:_______________
l) dog that won’t escape:______________
m) dog that doesn’t dig:____________
n) dog that doesn’t slobber:___________
o) dog that doesn’t have bad breath: __________
p) dog that is housetrained:____________
q) dog that doesn’t have continence problems:_________
r) dog that doesn’t have worms:________
s) dog that doesn’t ever mark inside: __________
t) dog that doesn’t need a special diet: __________
u) dog that doesn’t need daily medicine: ____________
v) dog that doesn’t chase cars:________________
w) dog with street skills:____________________
x) dog with hunting potential:________________
y) dog with farmwork potential:________________
z) dog that doesn’t cost a lot: ___________ rank 5 as being the average cost per year of a dog in your area. A 1 would be about $300/month. A 10 would be about $30/month. 2: 270, 3:240, 4:210, 5:180, 6:150, 7:120, 8:90, 9:60
16. Which problems are you willing to work with to resolve with training or meds if they occur? ____________________________________________________________________________
17. Do your current pets have any complicating medical or behavioral issues? __________________________
18. What is the maximum weight you can handle? (an untrained dog can sometimes pull the equivalent of twice its weight or more, so answer in terms of the weight you (not the dog) can handle). ______________________________________________
19. What size/type/gender dog would you prefer? _______________
20. Assuming you know yourself well enough to know what is good for you, and recognizing that like a marriage, dogs and owners will grow and change together, describe the personality of your ideal next dog._____________________________________________

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