Patriot act

Up in Wisconsin – trying to stay cool. The weather has been a pretty decent 60-70 degrees, but somewhat rainy. We had quite a reception here. After arriving in the state on the eve of the renewal of the patriot act, I was arrested and thrown into jail, charged with obstruction of justice, for forgetting my driver’s license in a hotel room. They towed the truck, and seized Spin and Petey. When I was able to get out, Petey had a horrible facial injury from the catch pole. After a day of dealing with his emotional distress (he kept licking his paw, and has developed lick granulomas in the past when he has been seized), he finally let me get close enough to the wound to inspect it. It was clearly abscessed and oozing a very foul odorous discharge.

Abscessed wound on Petey
I started him on 1/2 cc Pen G twice a day subQ (the instructions say IM, but I know from experience that this hurts more, so I do subQ) with daily exercise, and multiple peroxide washings a day. After 2 days, I felt confident that the infection was responding to Penicillin.

Petey’s wound after 2 days of treatment with penicillin.
After 5 days the wound had stabilized, and I stopped the peroxide cleanings because it apparently inhibits wound healing:

Petey’s wound stable after 5 days.
And after 9 days the scar looks pretty good – no redness or discharge.

Petey’s wound after 9 days
I will probably try to finish a second week of antibiotic. Both Petey and Spin got a rabies booster today. They were approximately due.

Update 6/6: Petey is healed and the antibiotic was stopped.

My cell phone was apparently destroyed. It’s not the battery, because it still lights up. It’s just blank all the time. That means that the processor died. I’m not sure if it means that I lost all of the numbers in the phone. No, the processor works, the phone just needs a new screen. It means I can’t know if anyone calls or texts, and can only call numbers that I know by heart. No, while I left the room to get the rabies vax, the phone processor or key pad connection was killed – the screen works, but I can’t dial out. Pretty sure I can’t answer calls, but not sure if I can know if the phone rings. OK. The phone spontaneously started working again while I was still in the room, but the alternator stopped working on my truck today, and the card key to my hotel room stopped working.

Phone stopped working again.

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