Major Bong

Adjusting to our arrival here, we made a short trip out to Major Bong State Park. It was a beautiful 1/2 day adventure – very solitary, and many beautiful birds along the 5 mile trail. A very diverse park. No pictures.

A little bit later, we visited the Kettle Moraine State Forest enjoying a nice day hike along an old early 1900’s homestead and farm with its own stream refrigeration house. This time I took some pictures. Mostly, there are cross country ski trails through the woods, but it also crosses the 1200 mile Ice Age trail.

Petey and Spin on the Lake

Spin Exploring a Stream

We stayed in a hotel for a few days while Petey’s face healed, even though the weather is a nice 60-70 degrees up here. I felt like Petey needed the time to heal, and we got a good weekly rate. This area has some of the most beautiful dog parks in the country – one a 2 mile bird/bike trail, and the other some woods with a stream around it that can be travelled with a mountain bike or hiked. Spin loves wading in the stream.

I worked a little bit on writing, but it is hard to stay motivated without an audience. Now, I think we are back to an explorer phase, with yet another incomplete book. Sometimes, fate does not let one complete the projects one envisioned completing…

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