A Little Starling in Need

We had a really bad windstorm here 2 nights ago, and a little 9 day old starling apparently fell out of its nest.

On my 2 mile hike to get raman noodles, someone must have left the baby outside the grocery store for me to find. There was no nest, it was after hours, the bird needs to be fed every hour or so. So, I brought the bird back and began to feed it. I first tried a little of the applesauce available here, but it completely knocked the bird out. Kind of makes you wonder what’s in it…But they could also be sucrose intolerant. He seemingly has normal mucous covered stool, but had an episode of diarrhea and food aversion after I gave him the applesauce. Apparently, this is normal if you read the paper.

Anyway, I switched over to hardboiled eggs – mashed up, and mixed with a little water. I was up quite a bit of the night feeding.

This morning I found some bird songs to play for the bird on the computer, so that it will learn the right songs. There are about 10 songs that the bird needs to learn. This is the time when the bird imprints (9-14 days), and I want to be able to release it to the wild, so I am trying very carefully to minimize my interactions with it, except feeding. I did do a superficial inspection of the bird for injuries.

I tried to contact a wildlife rehabilitator so that we could find a nest for the starling, but they want money to take the bird in: 262-248-5055 or 414-431-6204. I have no transportation.
So, I took the bird for a walk. I hope there is no pesticide on the lawn.

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