Communication Up and Running

I got the USB1 port running with a flash drive, and was able to transfer files from a Word97 format over to opendocument. Everything transferred great including embedded photos, and hyperlinks. This was not a given for me. I have 2 folders on the flash drive – one for XP and the other for Mac, nothing explicitly for linux. I wasn’t sure that the file systems would be readable without explicitly creating a linux file system, but they were! Sometimes life is simple. So, now I am up and running with writing. Cool!

Spent a little time trying to reset the monitor settings. Because it didn’t autodetect at setup, I had had to manually set it to vesa using a command line. Then the gui worked, but I wasn’t getting a full monitor, but only a small window, which was annoying for reading files. Finally, I got the monitor settings right doing it as root in command line mode with just the command Sax2 – it autodetected in this mode, when it wouldn’t through the gui. Now I have a full screen, and am running Adobe 7 that allows me to read papers. I had to hide the panel to sign the license agreement. But this is now very easy on the eyes.

Also got the Targus card reader to work on the USB1 port so I can read pics off of the xD card. I’m still working on what to use to process the pictures.

With the solenoid on the starter, I finally figured out that there are screws that bolt the back of it to something. These screws are covered with what is I guess melted lead solder (maybe from the arc), and hard to pry with the little plates off of the plastic. I got one off and extracted, but am not sure if it is intact. The other one is harder, but I finally got it off.

This did not really help me to get the solonoid out. As far as I can tell, these are just (now broken) soldered leads for a secondary smaller circuit. I think the primary with the high amps goes through the big copper bolts.

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