Moving along

Contingency Planning

The TV channels changed again in the hotel room. First they replaced the animal channel with a religious channel. The channels moved last week. And as of yesterday, most of the programming is “torture” (with visible images) and “execution” and “prison” and “hoarding” shows and strange movies about people being unable to control airplanes, and kidnappings. I turned it all off.

This morning at the dog park, 2 springers training “don’t beg”. I’m feeling better though physically. I switched to a little bit of fast acting insulin that I had, and the insulin worked fine – so there is nothing physically wrong with my ability to process insulin. Also, the “bad” insulin does not appear to be precipitated as it might appear if it had been heat inactivated. So, reporting the lot number, and bar code on the vial. Who knows what’s in it by now – the original stuff or something now.

Dogs have been in my custody – 100% of time. I even got yelled at for leaving them within sight, but outside of an area where kids might be, while I went for a swim at the quarry this morning. That was a gratuitous clothes washing of what I was wearing.

Some pictures of the disassembled starter.

Took the solenoid out of the bell housing using a tire punch as a pry bar. Had to spend $8 on a C-clamp at the auto parts store to get it back together (it requires a 6″, the 5″ was too short). Now the leads are going to have to be resoldered. As far as I can tell, there are 2 primary circuits through the copper bolts only one of which is active at any given time. The first circuit conducts lots of current (about 14 A I was told at the autoparts store, but that seems way too low to me), that mechanically compresses the spring in the solenoid pushing it down, so that it raises the arm inside the starter pushing the bendix out. Then the spring pushes back, disengaging the bendix from the flywheel so that it doesn’t stay engaged once the engine is running thereby dragging the engine). At this point the current has to switch to the other primary circuit, so that the system doesn’t keep pushing the bendix back and forth. So, the secondary circuit (the one I have to solder) must be a relay, that controls the switching. When one arcs the starter, I am guessing that one bypasses the secondary (that is, one passes the current through a bent tire punch for example, from one hot copper bolt to the other. [What is fascinating to me, and what I still haven’t fully appreciated how, is that the starter itself is completely isolated electrically from the solenoid, through the plastic arm (this is not true, the lead crosses over the top after everything is assembled). There are no wires that cross over. So, any electricity must be generated by a really strong magnetic field that is pushed with the mechanical action of the plastic arm. It is a pretty decent magnet inside, just try pulling one of those bolts off of it.]

Benchtesting: 1 closed circuit and 2 open circiuts. Connecting the unsoldered leads, closes one of the open circuits.

Some places that I found on Craigslist.
listing 1
listing 2
listing 3
listing 4
listing 5
listing 6listing 6
heating and cooled pop up camper that is small enough for me to tow.

Keep the pack together.

Daily log:
1. You spent 97 minutes to train a few various commands at the dog park.
2. You spent 40 minutes swimming at the quarry.
3. You spent 120 minutes to ride your bike to the auto parts store with the dogs, and then head over to the dog park.
4. You spent 58 minutes putting the solenoid back in the starter, and taking pictures, writing it up.
5. You spent 22 minutes cleaning the refrigerator.
6. You spent 54 minutes looking for a place to stay.

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