It is hard for me to write. I feel sick. The brand new insulin that I bought yesterday does not feel right. I am nauseous, reeking ketones, numb in my feet, and having problems seeing.
I suspect tampering with the bottle of insulin. This has happened in the past, and although I don’t really understand why someone wants to do this to me, I believe it could be related to the following possiblities:
1) introduction of other medicine into the vial.
2) heat treatment of the vial.
3) forced weight control against my will.
4) the desire to seize my animals which happens when I get sick.
5) possibly a religious motivation. i.e. that people want me to live off the garbage and useless products of others, so they make every spending of any money by me useless. This is highly probable and noted with almost everything that I use money for. It forces a strict adherance to extreme poverty, to the point of extreme discomfort or almost death. Not entirely sure that it is completely religiously motivated though, as the behavior is also noted in some nonreligious people. It might also be anti-commie sentiment, or anti-complaint sentiment. That is, the tougher things are for you, the tougher we are going to make them. Insulin used to be $24.95, but because you are struggling financially, we will raise the price to $26.40, so that you will associate struggling financially with anger.
6) the desire to make me “appear paranoid”, so that someone can force psychiatric or other treatment on me, or prove that I am unfit for work and therefore dependent.

Not really putting everything together very well.

Today’s activities were:
1) 90 minutes of training come and wait at the dog park with my dogs.
2) 30 minutes of vacuuming and finally getting the solonoid off of the starter.
3) 4 mile bike ride with dogs to 2 auto parts shops to get advice on the starter solonoid removal.
4) Some notes on RAM and 2 papers.
I found a great paper on RAM, and started to look for the various parts on my motherboard (In440BX). Intel apparently doesn’t put a memory controller on its boards. Peak bandwith in single and double channel modes on the PC100 DRAMs is: 100MHz.

older notes on backup program

1. print out the sizes of the directories, and the date they were last touched or altered.

2. print out a list of files that were created or changed today.
3. prompt user to place them in trash, and schedule for shredding, or place them in a directory named backup, and schedule for archiving and compression.

3. Ask the user if they would like to see a list of files that were “touched” since the last backup.

– print date of last backup.

mkdir /backup/oldbackup/
find backup.iso and cp to /backup/oldbackup/backup.iso
mount -t iso9660 /backup/oldbackup/backup.iso /var -o loop=/dev/loop0
cp /var/usr_tar.bz2 /backup/oldbackup/backup.iso
bunzip2 /var/usr_tar.bz2
move to /
tar –compare –verbose –file=/backup/oldback/usr_tar | grep “:”
files compared:
backup.iso : no differences in /usr
backup2.iso: no differences /bin /home /lib /mnt /sbin /srv
create another iso from tar files that didn’t show differences.
backup3.iso: /media /opt /proc /sys /tmp /var /boot

if (-n ) echo “no differences in /usr files found. No need to backup.”

ebay shows that compatible ram is:
Size: 256 MB
Speed: PC-100
Pins: 144
price: used $18.63

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